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Sunday, 30 October 2016

The incurable romantic

My colleague says that I am an incurable romantic. I am guilty to the core. Romance has always been a bestseller for ages because of people like me. Romantic dramas where the hero professes undying love to his heroine has always been my favorite. Blue skies, scarlet roses, streets covered with brown dry leaves while taking a stroll in a golden autumn evening, fragrance of tea and wet soil after the first rains sitting in my veranda, sound of the wind through the leaves of the palm trees, has always inspired romantic thoughts in me.
It may seem absurd but I am sure there are people who will agree with me when I say that there is an inexplicable satisfaction when you cry your heart out on watching emotional scenes of unrequited love. There are two scenes in the movie 'The holiday' where Kate Winslet as Iris describes the feelings which a person goes through when he or she is madly in love with somebody, knowing that the person they are in love with do not reciprocate their feelings, they go through the hell and bliss of rejection and hope of love again and again as if stuck in a vicious circle. While watching those scenes each and every word has pricked my heart and I have never been able to stop my tears whenever I have watched this movie.
The colors on Hilary Swank named Holly in 'PS I love you' when Gerry or Gerard Butler first sees her with the background scenery of the national park and the way she turns around and says I am lost is one of the most romantic scenes of the movie. 'Gone with the wind' is another movie which portrays love in a rosy way although between two imperfect people.
In 'You've got mail', the most romantic scene is not the one where Meg Ryan comes to know that the guy whom she used to write mails is the same as Tom Hanks, but the scene just before the last scene. She has fallen for the guy who has thrown her out of business and she has hated him from the first day she had known him. The confusion caused by the realization of Meg Ryan that she is in love with the hard headed businessman in spite of herself, all the time thinking that she is in love with the guy she used to write mails to, is a very touching scene. The expression on her face when she rejects Tom Hanks thinking that she has already committed to her pen friend and will not be able to accept the love of the man she never realized till then that she had fallen head over heels in love with, is remarkable.
But my best romantic moment is one that happened in real life. When me and my husband were sitting in the hotel balcony looking at the snow-capped mountains in the intense cold, sipping red wine with the stars gazing down at us from the clear night sky, he said that he has always found profound beauty in the laps of Himalayas and now it has become even more special because of my presence. I had never thought men capable of such romantic feelings and to have found it in the man I love, I felt myself the luckiest woman on earth.
Yesterday I saw a couple during my morning walk. They did not seem romantic as they were walking at a distance from each other as if walking was a routine activity and were not even talking. In our community the walking path is lined with bougainvillea trees. So most of the times the whole path is covered with the white and pink bougainvilleas, especially in the mornings. Also it had rained the other night and the tree leaves and branches were wet and still water was dripping from them. I saw that the man all of a sudden moved close towards one of the trees and shook it so that the water drops fall on the lady. She squeaked and looked with an indignant expression towards the man, most probably her husband and said in a serious tone not to act childish. The husband returned back as gravely as possible, 'No, you are right, it doesn't suit my age' and then all of a sudden plucked a bougainvillea from one of the tree branches and offered the flower to the lady. She looked up at him in astonishment and he quickly kissed her cheek. She was so embarrassed that she started looking here and there to make sure nobody had seen. Her eyes fell on me. She was blushing and trying to repress the guilty smile.
Love is a beautiful feeling and I think I am capable of experiencing romance even in the most ordinary circumstances. Although I may seem an incurable romantic, but according to me romance is everywhere, maybe sometimes hidden but nonetheless always present.